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About us

Tykoflex AB is a family-owned company that for many years has provided the market with high qualitative solutions for optical fibre communication and flexible couplings for pipe and water systems. All of these products have been developed and produced at the company’s facility in Tyresö, outside Stockholm, Sweden. 

From 1 January, 2015, the next generation will take over the management responsibility at the Swedish family-owned engineering company Tykoflex AB. Stepping into the Managing Director’s role will be Stefan Örjes who will continue to focus on business development and sales. His sister, Emelie Örjes, will simultaneously take up the position of Deputy Managing Director with responsibility for corporate administration and organization.

“Magnus Bjertsjö, the outgoing MD, has been assisting us since 2010 with the development of new processes, routines and working methods. Magnus and I, together with the Board, have decided that the time is now right to hand over the helm to my eldest son and daughter, Stefan and Emelie,” says owner Anders Örjes.
“We also feel very confident in the knowledge that Magnus will remain as a member of the Board and support them both for an interim period during the spring in order to ensure a successful transition.”
Commenting on his new role as MD, Stefan Örjes says: “We have been planning this generation change for quite some time and now that the time has come, we are optimistic and well prepared to take up the challenge.”
Stefan has been working for Tykoflex for 25 years and is experienced in all facets of the company’s activities. He has also participated for several years in the work of the company’s Board as well the Management Group. Emelie joined the company in 2001 and most recently held the position of Management Assistant.
Tykoflex, which was started in 1958 in a family home in Tyresö, outside Stockholm, is today one of the leading companies in its field, offering high quality products for optical fibre networks. Among other applications, optical fibre networks are a prerequisite for fast and reliable Internet connectivity.
Other Tykoflex products include flexible couplings for pipe systems and aviation warning lights for masts and high buildings.
Made in Tyresö
At a time when an increasing number of companies chose to locate their manufacturing in developing countries, Tykoflex has invested in developing and expanding its manufacturing base in Tyresö, outside Stockholm, Sweden. Through its own product development, the company drives processes in which customer dialogue is continually maintained, from the initial concept stage right through to the approval of the final product.
Skilled professionals work with deep drawing, hydro mechanical shaping, milling, welding and assembling. This results is total solutions that require a minimum of service and provide a low total cost over the life of the product.
Tykoflex applies Fair Trade principles and works actively for sustainability in production with the aim to provide the highest possible service to customers.
Anders Örjes

Tykoflex AB

About us

Tykoflex AB is a modern engineering company with our own product development, sales office and production facility in Tyresö, just outside of Stockholm, Sweden. We mainly manufacture:

  • High-quality closures for splicing and termination of fibre optic cables.
  • Flexible coupling elements for pipe systems and irrigation installations.

Our own manufacturing operations, in combination with agency products, ensure that we can offer total solutions for large-scale project as well as fast deliveries from an extensive range of products.


Close co-operation with our customers is a key part of our philosophy. And efficient and functional prototypes for field applications is the basis for successful, joint product development.


A documented quality system, in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 standard, is built into our development programme and quality is an integrated and natural part of our activities in order to guarantee deliveries of fault-free products and services on time.

Long-lasting products for a sustainable environment. Since 2009 we are also certified according to the ISO 14001 environmental standard.

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