Quick Coupling

Quick couplings for tough applications and media

Quick couplings are a key business area in Tykoflex. Our Model 42 is a cardan quick coupling for pipes and hose systems with a simple as well as ingenious construction. Made of steel, aluminium or stainless steel, the coupling guarantees total tightness for both pressure and vacuum - even in angled positions thanks to a hinged hook system. It also has an automatic locking device to prevent unintentional disconnection.

The coupling consists of two elements - one male and one female - with a thick sealing ring that comes in different materials for different media and temperatures. Quick coupling Model 42 can be used for anything that can be pumped, blown, pressed or sucked through pipes and hoses like fresh water, waste water, sewage, sludge, powder and granular materials. And as we manufacture all of the main components ourselves, we can customize Model 42 for different requirements.
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