Picture of Andreas Lydell

Sales Telecom and Obstruction lights

Andreas Lydell

Telephone: +46 8 505 949 78

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Sales Telecom and Obstruction lights

Rolf Elwin

Telephone: +46 8 505 949 56

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Christian Tiilikainen

Telephone: +46 8 505 949 23

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Peter Forsström

Telephone: +46 8 505 949 54

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Ronnie Berglund

Telephone: +46 8 505 949 57

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International Account Manager

Mikael Brink

Telephone: +46 8 505 949 42

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Anders Örjes

Telephone: +46 8 505 949 00

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Tobias Petersson

Telephone: +46 8 505 949 00

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Customer service

Helga Gustafsson

Telephone: +46 8 505 949 02

Fortsatt högt tryck i produktionen

23 Feb 2021

Produktionen och monteringen går på högtryck samtidigt som snön sakta smälter i Tyresö. Vi jobbar hårt för att bygga upp våra lager så att vi även i fortsättningen kan erbjuda snabba leveranser.

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De installerade solcellerna levererar

26 Mar 2020

På norra halvklotet blir dagarna i genomsnitt 3 minuter och 20 sekunder längre per dygn fram till den 20 juni. Detta märks inte minst på våra installerade solceller som genererar mer och mer elektricitet. Ta hand om er och följ…

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Tykoflex heroes

24 Mar 2020

Our heroes in the production and on assembly line currently continue to deliver according to plan. The reports from the market is that ongoing telecom projects in the Nordic countries continues. We do everything possible to provide our customers with…

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A notable week but we deliver according to plan

20 Mar 2020

It has been a notable week where we have had to take several steps to comply with the recommendations of the Public Health Authority. Our suppliers currently deliver according to plan and production works well given the circumstances. Our shipping…

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Joint Closure T240 under the surface

16 Mar 2020

This is a common sight for fiber installers when there are high water flows. The pictures come from Närsbo Entreprenad’s installation in Lilla Edet. Our Closures T240 for optical fibres meet IP rating IP69K, but it also requires that the…

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