Tykoflex T240 Multicassette

Multicassette for multipurpose usage

Fibre organizer

The Multicassette for multipurpose usage: Single fibre, 4-ribbon, 8-ribbon and 12-ribbon as well as splitters. One cassette type for all areas of use. 

A On their way from cable port to cassette, individual fibres are always guided in tubes, either from the cable or in the tubes provided by Tykoflex. When adapting to centre tube cables it is recommended to use the 11 218 340 branching kit (page 68).

B Tubes are secured on the cassette inlet using cable ties.

C Tubes or ribbon fibres are held in place in the fibre inlet guide. Ribbon fibres are guided from the cable port tube to the cassette inlet and held in positionwithout any additional protection.

D Fibres are safely routed in 45-90 mm radius loops, loosely and without pressure. Generous space inside the cassette enables the fibres to be bent and change direction. There is no need to adjust to the exact length of the fibres before splicing. 

Fibre count capacity

Each Multicassette has 9 sleeve holders; each can hold a maximum of four single fibres with a standard sleeve or eight single fibres with a thin sleeve, two 4-ribbon fibre sleeves, two 8-ribbon fibre sleeves or one 12-ribbon fibre sleeve. This chart shows the maximum number of fibres that can be installed. 

Fibre Guide 

The fibres are placed into the fibre sleeve holder and are held in the slot by rubber elements.

  1. Round rubber piece
  2. Square rubber piece
  3. Splice protection sleeve 2.4 mm
  4. Splice protector slim 2.0 mm
  5. Ribbon 4-8 fibre
  6. Ribbon 12 fibre

Tykoflex Multicassette

The Multicassette comprises a bottom part with two inlet fibre areas, with one six slot rubber profile in each. The fibres / fibre tubes are guided into position in the storage area via the rubber profile.

A cassette can be used to organise and store all types of fibre e.g. single, ribbon etc. There are nine positions for the storage of fibre sleeves. Each holder slot can store 4 to 8 single fibre sleeves, two 4-ribbon or 8-ribbon sleeves or one 12-ribbon sleeve.

There are also two dedicated areas in the cassette for additional sleeve holders or splitters. The large cassette with the open design enables easy, safe and quick installation. It is possible to change direction and bend fibres inside the cassette, within the scope of the permitted bending radius of the fibre. As fibres are routed in numbered slots, the correct fibre can quickly be located for possible troubleshooting or splicing.

The Multicassette is covered by a transparent snap-on lid. The transparent lid provides a good view of the installed fibres without having to open the cassette. The cassette’s innovative design makes the resplicing of fibres easy. Different lengths of fibre can also be used on each side of the splice sleeve.

The Multicassette handles Single Element, Single Ribbon, Multiple Element and Multiple Ribbon configurations.


Multicassette flexibility

The Tykoflex Multicassette provides great flexibility. Additional cassettes can be added, up to a maximum of 16. The closure lid must be changed in such cases, to handle the extra height of the added cassettes.

The Multicassette holder

The Multicassette holder ensures that the installation and adding of more cassettes to the joint closure is smooth and safe.

The Multicassette holder is an auxiliary tool for splicing optical fibres. It can be placed in several positions on the edge of the bottom part.

Up to four holders can be used at the same time, which provides optimum flexibility and handling performance.