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Sales Telecom and Obstruction lights

Andreas Lydell

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Christian Tiilikainen

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Peter Forsström

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International Account Manager

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Anders Örjes

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Customer service

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Tykoflex AB is a family-owned company that for many years has provided the market with high qualitative solutions for optical fibre communication and flexible couplings for pipe and water systems. All of these products have been developed and produced at the company’s facility in Tyresö, outside Stockholm, Sweden.

Tykoflex, which was started in 1958 in a family home in Tyresö, outside Stockholm, is today one of the leading companies in its field, offering high quality products for optical fibre networks. Among other applications, optical fibre networks are a prerequisite for fast and reliable Internet connectivity.

Other Tykoflex products include flexible couplings for pipe systems and aviation warning lights for masts and high buildings.

The Tykoflex T240 Joint Closure is part of a modular system of lockable closures made of acidproof stainless steel. The main benefits of the system are superior flexibility, easy handling, and tightness with regard to overpressure and vacuum. The closures are designed for use in demanding environments. With a desiccator, the closure remains free of humidity even under extreme conditions.

The closure is suitable for use above ground, attached to high voltage towers, poles, walls or other support structures. The Tykoflex closure can be tailored to almost any required configuration. It is designed to provide watertight and pressure-tight environmental protection for optical fibres and optical fibre splices for all cable designs. The closure is therefore suitable for ground installations in manholes, tunnel systems and sewage lines.

Tightness with regard to overpressure and vacuum. Closures installed in manholes or that are buried can be exposed to flooding and remain underwater for months. Tykoflex closures are therefore tested and certified for IP68 (2 bar/24 h) IP69 and IP69K.

Read more about IP69K here ->

Photo: Närsboentreprenad, Alingsås

Tykoflex action plan because of the Coronavirus

Are you and your production exposed to countries that are classified as risk zones?
Less than 5% of our subcontractors come from areas / countries that are currently classified as risk zones.
However, the issue of risk zones becomes less relevant as the virus spreads, as larger parts of the world are affected to a greater extent.

What problems or impact on delivery ability and supply of goods do you know and / or predict?
At present, we have no interruptions in our deliveries due to the Corona virus. In the short term, we have identified a few potential problem areas that could affect future deliveries. Alternative solutions have been developed for these and Tykoflex has made preparations to order material and produce them in-house if we should end up in that situation. The long-term impact is currently very difficult to analyze, but we evaluate this on an ongoing basis.

What steps have you taken?
We have set up routines to handle trips, restrictive direct contacts, hygiene instructions, alternative deliveries and production solutions to maintain minimal disruption.
Daily internal and external meetings are held to follow the events and any new effects on the impact of the development.

Do we think your customers may be affected?
No, not at this time.

Can we as a customer act in any way to reduce any negative impact?
Minimize physical meetings and continue to maintain a high level of communication. We prefer to conduct our meetings digitally at present. Visits that are required at our workplace but are not immediately necessary should be re-booked if possible.

Is the production situation unchanged?
We currently produce according to plan, even slightly above the normal production curve. We have seen increased demand for our products and have therefore temporarily hired three extra employees to match our customers’ needs.


This is information that applies right now. The information may change if the Government and the Public Health Authority change their directives.

This page is constantly updated.

Last updated 2020-08-13

A T240 Joint Closure with a 50-lid fits 4 Multicassettes; a 70-lid fits 6 Multicassettes, a 150-lid fits 10 Multicassettes and a 200-lid fits 16 Multicassettes.


Each Multicassette has 9 sleeve holders; each can hold a maximum of four single fibres with a standard sleeve and eight single fibres with a thin sleeve, two 4-ribbon fibre sleeves, two 8-ribbon fibre sleeves or one 12-ribbon fibre sleeve. This chart shows the maximum number of fibres that can be installed.




M42 can be used for anything that can be pumped, blown, pressed or sucked through pipes and hoses. It is often used in demanding circumstances and experiences no problems in such situations.

M42 is a complete range of quick couplings for the safe and rapid handling of pipes and hose systems. The couplings are produced in several dimensions and are available in the following materials:

  • Aluminium
  • Stainless steel
  • Galvanised steel

The design makes the couplings extremely user-friendly. It guarantees total tightness with regard to both pressure and vacuum, and can be used for anything that can be pumped, blown, pressed or sucked through pipes and hoses.

Below are some different areas of use for quick coupling M42:
  • On sewage vehicles for emptying tanks and cisterns containing environmentally harmful waste products.
  • On heavy goods vehicles performing the bulk transport of grain, flour, feed, pellets, granulates, concrete and minerals.
  • For mobile water and compressed air pipes in sub-contracting, mining, steel and other heavy industries.
  • For pump connections on both the pressure and suction side.
  • For mobile transportation and storage systems for fuel in the armed forces.
  • For all types of irrigation systems.
  • As couplings during loading and unloading stages in the chemical industry, the paper industry and other process industries.

If you have access to the female coupling, you can look at the gasket, which shows the size. Otherwise, you can measure the gasket. If you only have access to the male coupling, measure it at the rear edge, where it is largest.