Tykoflex Cold Method

A safe, simple and proven cold method

The Tykoflex cold compression method has bushings for micro cables, with diameters ranging from 1.8 to 12.0 mm. There are a variety of rubber seals for the oval inlets in T240 splice boxes. Two cables (mid-span) red rubber diameter 5.5 to 7.2 mm and four cables (2x mid-span) grey rubber diameter 5.0-7.0 mm, 6.5-8.5 mm, 7.7 to 9.5 mm and black rubber diameter 9.5-12.0mm. Bushings can easily be mounted by inserting the cables into slots in the rubber seal. For the 29 mm diameter holes, there are cable bushings with three rubber seals. Rubber black diameter 24×1.8-4.0 mm, black diameter 12×4.0-7.0 mm and blue diameter 4×7.0-9.0 mm. Bushings are delivered with plugs to seal all unused inlets. Compression of the rubber is done by tightening the nut(s).

An installation example with the TMC Joint Closure

The TMC Joint Closure with a 7 mm duct secured in a duct holder. A 2 mm micro cable connected to the joint closure via bushing TKN-K 1.8-4.0. A 14/10 duct has a micro cable connected in the oval (mid-span) with TKN-O 5.0-7.0.

Testing of the cold method

Joint closure fitted with TKN with 20 cables of the type Hexatronik diameter 2 mm closed with ambient pressure inside, tested in a climate chamber. Temperature cycling from minus 30° to plus 70° Celsius. A cycle consisting of cooling for 3 hours and heating for 3 hours. The results of the tests are shown in the diagram above.

All bushings for the Telecombox T240 have been tested for IP69K.