Seaflex / Branch Unit – Designed for submarine optical cables

A universal joint closure for submarine optical fibre cables. Made of highly corrosion resistant material and compatible with most cable designs and it can also be used between cables from different manufacturers and has branching capability.


Seaflex is a universal joint closure designed for submarine optical cables. It is made of highly corrosion-resistant material and is compatible with most cable designs.

The closure can be used for splicing cables from different manufacture and with different designs. It is designed to enable easy and quick assembly with ordinary standard tools, with no welding required in the assembly procedure.

Easy to re-enter.

The closure consists of a main closure kit with the closure housing and rubber cable bend protection, and cable specific connection kits for each unique cable type. The splicing area is designed to accomodate up to 192 fibres.

The fibre jointing is carried out with an ordinary fusion splicing machine, using standard splice protection sleeves. The interior of the closure is filled with oil in order to protect the fibres.


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